You didn't start a business to manage HR, run payroll, haggle with insurance carriers, track PTO, worry about risk, write an employee handbook, stress about being sued, lose sleep over tax filings, be a PEO expert

We give you the confidence to navigate the complexity of the PEO buying process...and get you back to what you love.


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What is a PEO?


A Professional Employer Organization is a solution built for small to medium sized businesses that need to focus on growth, not HR management.

Through a powerful model known as Co-Employment, PEOs handle vital HR functions from payroll, benefits, compliance, 401k, and HR support; allowing you to concentrate on your core business. 

Payroll & Tax



Employee Benefits Administration




HR Support &

Employer Liability Management

Risk & Safety



Benefit Plan


HR Technology &

Employee Self Serve





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Why use a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations relieve businesses of administrative burden and HR management allowing owners and employees to focus on growth.

They leverage their collective purchasing power to secure competitive rates on health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits; enabling business to attract and retain talent.

Furthermore, they possess expertise in navigating complex employment law and regulation, reducing both risk and cost of penalties. PEOs provide scalability through HR infrastructure and opportunity to focus on culture and organizational goals.

Grow Faster

Companies leveraging a PEO grow 7-9% faster due to the ability to attract and retain key talent and streamline the operations of the business.*

*NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations)

Lower Turnover

Companies using a PEO report 10-14% lower turnover due to increased employee engagement and a more robust benefits package*


Reduce Costs

Companies cite a 27% reduction in employee-related expenses due to lower cost of healthcare, other benefits, and systems consolidation.*


Increase Success Rate

Companies in a PEO relationship experience a 50% lower failure rate.*



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How we make PEOs awesome.


A better way to PEO.

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