PEO Speedwagon

Hop on the Speedwagon and check out this dynamic and engaging podcast that delves into the intricate world of HR outsourcing and PEOs.

Each episode unpacks the complexities of PEOs in a conversational and accessible manner, aiming to demystify the process and highlight its benefits.

With a blend of expert insights, real-world examples, and a touch of humor.

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Episode 7: Empower your Existing HR

In this Spring Break themed episode, Rick and Ryan discusses the nuanced process of matching Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) with existing HR frameworks. 

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Episode 6: Navigating PEO Complexities

Our first Part 2 - from listener demand, we go deeper with "Fun with Data: A Deeper Dive," Rick and Ryan expand on PEO intricacies, focusing on pricing and healthcare renewals. They explore strategies to maintain client interest during renewal periods, highlighting the importance of proactive engagement.

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Episode 5: Fun with Data

In this episode, Rick and Ryan discuss the intricacies and challenges associated with starting or switching to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), with a particular focus on the daunting task of data gathering. 

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Episode 4: Navigating PEO Complexities

In this episode we dive into the vast array of PEOs available for organizations and how to navigate the 500+ options out there.  


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Episode 3: 2024! New Goals, New Mindset, Same Values

What's next in HR outsourcing and how important it is for companies to stick to their core values.  It's a deep dive into making 2024 a great year for the industry, with practical advice for sales reps and a peek into the future.

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Episode 2: It's Onboarding Season

Insights shared on PEO implementation, the importance of this period for companies with new PEOs or HR systems, and best practices for onboarding. Amidst the technical talk, they keep it light-hearted discussing their newfound podcast fame and offer sage advice for navigating the crucial first week of January in the PEO world.

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Episode 1: The PEO Speedwagon

Hey PEO industry, why so serious? Welcome to the PEO Speedwagon Podcast. This inaugural episode featuring hosts Rick and Ryan from PEOMG, offers an engaging and fun-filled exploration of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry. 



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