Who we are


With 17 years of experience, PEOMG serves as a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of the PEO buying process.


Our team of experts leverage their insider knowledge and deep understanding of the world of PEO and HR outsourcing to create impactful recommendations for small to medium sized businesses.


We have worked with 100s of companies and 1,000s of employees to engage the right outsourcing model tailored specifically to their needs and philosophy around their employees and culture. 


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What we stand for


Our mission is to increase the success equation of every small business and enhance the lives of the people who surround them.

Fierce Integrity

We are transparent

Our unwavering commitment to honesty shapes every decision. Transparency isn't just our policy; it's our promise.


Radical Empathy

We are curious

We lead with empathy, always seeking to understand deeper. Our curiosity about your journey fuels our tailored solutions.


Anti-Grind Culture

We are balanced

Rejecting the hustle culture, we advocate for balance. It's about smart work, not hard work, ensuring sustainability for all.


Real Autonomy

We are believed in

Empowerment is key. We trust in the unique strengths of our team and clients, fostering an environment of mutual respect. 


Grow, But

Never Grow Up

We are not finished

Continuous growth is our mantra, but we keep our spirit youthful. There's always more to learn, more to achieve, more to dream.


It's your last chance to meet with us!
Nah...Not really. But you knew that. We will just leave our calendar here for you when you need it.